July 2007 Update

 The 2007 Electrons 

In search of the Holy Grail - Part III

For those that missed parts I & II - this was an exercise to recreate the late '58, early '59 Stratocaster sound. This is essentially the Strat' sound everybody remembers and, for us, it's the 'Holy Grail'. Now to the latest in the saga, rumour had it that the 'Holy Grail' was residing in Hanwell...

...where else would we look but in Peter' Cook's Guitar World - purveyor of excellent guitars to many, and us!

This is place where we suspected the grail was residing

RJ trying to look nonchalant - had to put his hands in his pockets to contain his excitement
(You'll never guess who the guitarist is in the inner-sanctum, trying a Dean Razorback for size - RJ knows him only too well!)

Alas, it proved to be yet another false grail - merely a Custom Shop 1960 model Fiesta Red with gold h/w Strat'
- so the search goes on!!!!!

To console ourselves, we've embarked upon a new strategy - a bit of recording employing the UB Hank backings with us adding the icing on the cake. Actually we've been using these backings for some time now, but only recently did we decide to record our latest attempts. Whilst definite improvement has been made in the lead guitar sound (RJ), it's a bit of a step backwards with respect to the rhythm guitar sound (me). 
Anyways, here it is, our first try-outs, which could loosely be classified as an "e-EP"...

Forty-four Years On - The Electrons in 2007
Track 1: The Stranger Track 2: Peace Pipe
Track 3: Walk Don't Run Track 4: Wonderful Land
Bonus track: Both of us playing lead on The Stranger plus additional rhythm track