Stratocaster Sound - update: 11th Sept 2009


From Reddie:  
  • The Stranger (latest recording): listen
  • Find Me a Golden Street (in pipeline): wip
  • Round and Round (fun one- my take on it): listen




Latest recording of Apache: listen

Sound Comparison using Peace Pipe...


  • Classic Player 50s  listen
  • 50th Anniversary American Series  listen
  • Custom Shop Signature EC - liberated tremolo  listen
  • Reddie - listen

Kon-Tiki trialing the Echomatic VI: listen

O & Ss

A recording made some time ago using 50th Anniversary Strat (my 'Brownie') of my (multi-track) arrangement of The Theme from Shane: listen

A recollection featuring Reddie & Sig EC:-
Lovely Stornoway
Scottish traditional song done as a rock instrumental - respectfully, I hope.  Wanting to maximise the effect, I've played it in the key of 'Rock Instrumental' major! I felt there was a need for an intro, so hit the record button and did something!?

  • Version A (fuller backing, sort of 'mock bagpipes') - listen
  • Version B (no frills, standard backing & tweaked balance on verse 2)- listen

These are all one take recordings primarily for assessing the sound from various Strats. Currently some really small tweaks of the amp's tone controls are being assessed! It's a shame that Blackface knobs don't have finer-scale position markings.