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Find Me A Golden Street 

I liked this number from the very first time I heard it - a track on the definitive first LP of The Shadows released in 1961. The difficulty (other than playing the damn tune) in latter days is the sound Hank Marvin conjured-up for this number, it's a tad more bassy than usual; the suggestion being that the middle pickup of the guitar was used. Here's a clip of the actual track: Takes/FINDME~2.mp3

I think the sound I've managed here has elements of the original, judge for yourself...

...Golden Street: Takes/fmags.mp3
Uses a UB Hank backing track with EQ tweaked for bass and drums sadly couldn't get the rhythm guitar more forward in the mix.



Having recently heard The Rapiers (with Dave Lawes on rhythm) excellent version of this number, RJ & I agreed that we might have a go at it!

So, here's my very first take / try-out with a backing track - just to see how it works. My Jazzmaster was handy and I was keen to see what it could do for this number...

Telstar by the Puff of Wind -.mp3

I like the sound but have a major problem starting at the right time.


Composer & producer: Joe Meek.

Recording musicians: Geoff Goddard (not a band member) clavioline plus subtle vocals towards the end; Alan Caddy lead guitar; Roger LaVern additional keyboards; George Bellamy rhythm guitar; Heinz Burt bass; Clem Cattini drums.

Reached UK No.1 in December 1962. It was also the first US No.1 for a British act.

Here's a real cheat. I've used Cubase's edit facilities to produce another (tidier?) version from the above recording... Takes/Telstar - edit1.mp3


Guess the guitar used for the two guitar parts on this sound bite...




Paleface aka The Stranger 

I chose this number as the vehicle for trying to nail the sound. I'd virtually given-up and was on the point of getting rid of my guitar et al when I had a bit of inspiration! See what you think of this...


... just got to come-up with a way to distort the higher frequencies!?